The goal of this project was to develop the automation of a powder recycling plant. I used a PLC(Programmable Logic Controller) of SIEMENS, more specifically one of the family S7-300.

The challenge of this project was to be able to manage all the different devices which take part in the recycling process, like for example valves, flow meters, temperature measurement, pressure measurement, level measurement, pumps, filter press, variable speed drives and so on. Summarizing, being able to control around 200 digital inputs, 100 digital inputs, 40 analogue inputs (4..20mA) and 15 analogue outputs (0..10 Volts and 4..20mA).

I was in charge of developing the PCL program and designing the HMI(Human Machine Interface), as well as testing and coordinating the whole project.

Used technologies: Simatic, WinCC HMI and AutoCAD.