This project consists of developing a simple device in order to count pulses and sending a report to a backend using Sigfox.

The main requirements of the whole system are:

I’ve selected this module AX-SIP-SFEU: RF Transceiver System In Package, Sigfoxâ„¢ Verified RC1, Ultra-low Power by On Semiconductor versus others similar to WSSFM10R1 by Wisol, because is one of the smallest modules in market, besides this module has available a microcontroller AX8052 with enough resources to run an application avoiding the need of using a dedicated microcontroller, so we saved energy, money and space.

We were able to design a small PCB of 29x35 mm with everything necessary for working properly: Sigfox module, microcontroller, antenna and battery. I was the project manager in charge of the whole project: electronic design, schematics, PCB, antenna adaptation and power consumption approach.

Used technologies: C, Sigfox, Antenna Design and Altium Designer.