This Video/Audio IP device was designed with the goal to be used in the surveillance and access control market.

The main processor is a i.MX27 by Freescale and is based on an optimized embedded Linux system generated by buildroot. There are two possibilities of video acquisition: analogue video acquisition using a video code TVP5151 by Texas Instruments or digital video acquisition using an image acquisition sensor by OmniVision OV7670. For the audio system acquisition is used an electret microphone and 2 speakers of 500m Watts with the Audio Code TLV320AIC3254 and the audio amplifier TPS2012 by Texas Instruments.

Other features:

This board is prepared to use with another expansion board through their expansion connectors with 10 inputs, 5 outputs with relays and 3 RS-485 ports.

I was in charge of the electronics design: schematics and PCB, as well as creating all the procedures for testing the devices in mass production.

Used technologies: Kicad and Buildroot.