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Online briefcase and resume of Óscar Gómez Fuente: Electronic Engineer and Degree in Physical Sciences with experience in electronics design, microcontroller programming and industrial automation. I keen on everything related to electronics and I love to develop and research new hardware platforms.

Project Manager | Beagleboard | Raspberry Pi | Altium | Linux | C | Free RTOS

Professional Experience

  • Tedesys Global S.L. 08/2014 - Now

    Electronic Engineer | Santander

    Company focus on electronic and high technology. Responsible for the area of electronic design and develop of embedded electronic systems based on microprocessors and microcontrollers.

  • Vista Silicon S.L. 04/2008 - 06/2013

    Electronic Engineer | Santander

    Technology-based company specializing in video and audio processing. Responsible for the area of electronic design. Design of electronic platforms based on FPGAs (Altera), i.MX27 (Freescale) and OMAP3/OMAP4 (Texas Intrument). Process management in manufacturing and testing prototypes and series.

  • Trasmelec S.L.11/2003 - 03/2008

    Automation Engineer| Heras

    Engineering, electrical systems and instrumentation, perform the following functions: Coordination and monitoring of projects. Development of software for automation and instrumentation systems. Development of electronic microcontroller applications.

  • CSIC & IFCA06/2001 - 10/2003

    HW/SW Engineer| Santander

    Hired by the CSIC (Higher Council for Scientific Research) for 6 months and the remaining time by the IFCA (Institute of Physics of Cantabria) through a I3PG grant for a project encompassed in the Planck mission of ESA (European Space Agency): "Radiometers the Planck Mission at 30 and 44 GHz" (PNE-025/2001-C-01).

    In this project I was responsible for designing a data acquisition system based on technology of National Instruments DAQ NI PCI-6034E card. The implementation of the software was developed in different environments: Visual Basic, LabVIEW and Matlab.

    I've also been commissioned to develop a web platform based in html, php and mysql technologies for running simulations against a powerful IBM server, and subsequent analysis, processing and storage of results in a database.

  • Audiolis S.L.08/2000 - 11/2000

    Teacher | Santander

    Teaching and responsible for the course: "Application Development". Course content: Internet, Visual Basic 6.0 and Web Design. With a duration of 300 hours and funded by the European Social Fund.

Academic Background

  • Electronics Engineer2003 - 2006

    University of the Basque Country.
  • Degree in Physical Sciences1994 - 2000

    Electronic specialty: Microprocessors (2000) and Microwave (2004).
    University of Cantabria.


  • Advanced English Certificate (EOI Santander)09-2017

    B2 Level.
  • Intermediate English Certificate (EOI Santander)07-2015

    B1 Level.
  • Preliminary English Test (PET)07-2014

    Cambridge English: B1 Level.

Specialization Courses

  • Industrial applications of microcontrollers and DSP

    University of Cantabria. Course 2001-2002. Duration: 100 hours.
  • Development SW Tools case for industrial apps

    University of Cantabria. Course 2000-2001. Duration: 100 hours.
  • PhD courses2002 - 2003

    Concurrent Programming.
    Algorithms and tools to test digital circuits.
    Algorithms and systems for digital signal processing.
    Techniques testbench digital circuit design.
    Object-oriented analysis and design of real-time systems.
    C algorithms for digital signal processing.
    Data acquisition and control with DSP.

Complementary Training

  • Development Linux Embedded Systems

    School Pole. Sup., Univ. Aut. of Madrid. 05/2010. Duration: 24 Horas.
  • Automation: PLCs & HMI11/2003 - 02/2004

    Occupational Training Center of Torrelavega. Duration: 270 Horas.

MOOC Courses

  • Introdution to Raspberry Pi11/2013

    MOOC Course given by Ali Lemus of University of Galileo (Telecopio) during March-July 2014.
  • Learn HTML5 programming02/2014

    MOOC Course given by Eduonix Learning Solutions (Udemy).
  • Schematic & PCB Design10/2013 - 12/2013

    Online course HW design techniques with Altium Designer.
    FEDEVEL Academy. Duration: 50 Hurs.
  • Application Development Android11/2013

    MOOC course given by Adrián Catalán at Galileo University (Telecopio) during November 2013.


  • PLC & HMI

  • Electronic Design

  • Electronic Lab

  • Microcontrollers

  • Bealgeboard

  • Raspberry Pi

  • Arduino

Software Design

  • Altium Designer

  • Kicad

Project Manager

  • Redmine

  • SVN

  • GIT

Operative Systems

  • Linux

  • Android

  • Windows


  • C

  • Visual .NET V. Basic

  • C#Visual .NET C#

  • Android

  • LabVIEW

  • Bash

  • Python

Web Design

  • HTML5

  • CSS3

  • PHP5

  • Apache

Data Bases

  • MySQL


  • Español

  • Inglés

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  • XBeeO2 v1.001/2014 - 05/2014

    ZigBee technology

    This project involves the development of a remote control blinds, using ZigBee technology. We will use the XBee ZigBee devices, since it is the most accessible and most opensource projects we currently manufacturer.
    The engine has a shutter with 2 orders, up and down, so our end device (ZED), have 2 relays to indicate the two maneuvers necessary. Our coordinator, responsible for controlling our ZigBee network, will be mounted on a Raspberry Pi Model B and will access it through a web server in our RPI mounted using php to run the software which manages sending orders relay activation , we use our library Xbee 2.1.0. This repository is all the work done XBeeO2. And in this link You can find a video on yotube explaining the project.

  • Capital Risk Company 02/2013


    Study of the viability of an electronic project based on technology ZigBee: Cost Analysis and Engineering in detail.

  • CARMA S.L.02/2002

    Software development

    Development of an application based on invoice management and customers, giving the application the possibility print reports with Crystal Reports. Technologies used in the project: Visual Basic 6.0, Crystal Reports and JET DB.

  • Liu Chuan S.L.12/2000

    Software development

    Development of an application "SAN" based on customer management. The main function of the application, is in the possibility to make different kinds of searches and to print labels in a predetermined format, to be used to send direct mail. Technologies used in the project: Visual Basic 6.0, Crystal Reports and JET DB.


  • Website: www.oscargomezf.com
  • email: oscargomezf@gmail.com
  • Phone ES: (+34) 659 28 97 90
  • City: Santander (España)

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