This is the description of all the laboratory and interesting devices used during my whole career as Physical Sciences and Electronic Engineer:

Otii Arc Power Analyzer,Log Sync & Power Supply

Otii Arc is truly versatile. It is a 2 quadrant source measure unit (SMU) with a constant voltage or constant current source and sink together with a high precision multichannel multimeter. datasheet.

MSO6034A Mixed Signal Oscilloscope: 300 MHz, 4 Analog Plus 16 Digital Channels

The Keysight 6000 Series 300MHz oscilloscope provide 4 analog channels along with 16 digital channels, responsive deep memory and a 2GSA/s sample rate. datasheet.

N9320B RF Spectrum Analyzer (BSA), 9 kHz to 3 GHz

N9320B RF spectrum analyzer or BSA offers frequency up to 3 GHz and analysis bandwidth to 1 MHz for base performance manufacturing. datasheet.

VNA-0460 - MegiQ

The VNA-0460 is full bi-directional 2-port Vector Network Analyzer that is controlled from a PC through a USB connector. This VNA is ideal for measuring all kinds of micro-circuits like antennas, attenuators, amplifiers etc. Its frequency range includes most popular telecom bands like GSM-GPRS-LTE, Wifi, DECT, GPS, ISM, Zigbee, Bluetooth. With its small size it can also be used near the antenna inside a large device or installation. It’s also ideal for on-site measurements.

Downloads. VNA Tutorial in 3 parts.

DC Power Analyzer N6705C

The N6705C DC Power Analyzer provides unrivaled productivity gains for sourcing and measuring DC voltage and current into the DUT by integrating up to 4 advanced power supplies with DMM, Scope, Arb, and Data Logger features. The N6705C eliminates the need to gather multiple pieces of equipment and create complex test setups including transducers (such as current probes and shunts) to measure current into your DUT. The DC Power Analyzer also eliminates the need to develop and debug programs to control a collection of instruments and take useful measurements because all functions and measurements are available at the front panel. For even greater control and analysis functions, the DC Power Analyzer can be used with the 14585A Control and Analysis Software. When automated bench setups are required, the N6705C is fully programmable over GPIB, USB, LAN and is LXI Compliant. 14585A Control and Analysis Software.

We have this module: N6781A 2-Quadrant Source/Measure Unit for Battery Drain Analysis, 20 V, ±1 A or 6 V, ±3 A, 20 W: The Keysight N6781A is a source/measure unit (SMU) designed specifically for the task of battery drain analysis. Whether the device-under-test (DUT) is an e-Book reader, MP3 player, mobile phone, or pacemaker, the N6781A’s seamless measurement ranging, programmable output resistance, and auxiliary DVM combine to be the best set of advanced features on the market for battery drain analysis. When used with the 14585A Control and Analysis software, the N6781A becomes an even more powerful battery drain analysis solution, offering additional insights into your measurements.

This application note is very interesting in order to check devices with the battery: Evaluating Battery Run-Down with the N6781A or N6785A 2-Quadrant Source/Measure Unit and the 14585A Control and Analysis Software

Sigfox Access Station Micro SMBS-T4

The Sigfox Access Station Micro provides affordable IoT service coverage to thousands of Sigfox devices. It targets operator densifcation and customer premises as an extension of the public network in areas such as deep indoor or remote locations. Link Sigfox Access Station Micro.


Same as HF-2025E lowcost RF Handheld Analyzer but with heavily extended measurement range, higher Analyzer-Precision and various additional features like data logger for long-term recordings. The HF-4040 is included in our cheap Intermediate Bundle 1.


The GF-230 is a function generator covering the frequency range from 0.1Hz to 1MHz in seven decades. It allows to generate sinusoidal, square and triangular waves with continuous control of the output level, fixed 20 attenuator and the posibility to superimpose the signal at continuous level through the DC OFFSET control. The GF-232 covers from 0.2Hz to 2MHz and it is equipped with 50 Ohms output. datasheet