I have a degree in Physical Sciences and Electronics Engineer. I have been working on electronics for 22 years with experience in leading projects.

I am very fond of Linux, so I try to use Linux as much as possible because it is a powerful tool, easy to use and free.

Throughout my professional career, I have worked on different hardware platforms: FPGAs, microprocessors, microcontrollers and M2M (Machine to Machine) modules. I have experience with different technologies: PMICs, power switches, batteries, battery chargers, fuel gauges, ADCs, DACs, IMUs, I2C, SPI, NFC, USB, UART, PoE and Image Sensors. As well I have experience managing laboratory devices: oscilloscopes, power supplies, signal generators, DC power analyzers, RF spectrum analyzers and VNAs (Vector Network Analyzers).

I have used different hardware design tools, but for the past 15 years, I have been working with Altium Designer. I have specialized in electronic design techniques for compliance with EMC (Electromagnetic Compatibility), with the goal of obtaining the CE Marking.

In addition, I have experience in developing optimized embedded Linux systems using buildroot for different hardware platforms. I also have experience developing small drivers in the Linux kernel for the control of different peripherals.

During the last 6 years, I have been working on IoT (Internet Of Things) devices and I have specialized in developing products with different LPWAN (Low Power Wide Area Network) technologies, for example, Sigfox, LoRa, NB-IoT and LTE-M. I have been the product manager getting involved in all the design steps: firmware, electronic design, envelope design, adaptation antenna and certifications (Sigfox Ready and CE Marking).

In 2021, I was promoted to Director of Engineering, where I am responsible for leading a team of 10 engineers in the development of new products. As Director of Engineering, I am responsible for setting the technical vision for the company’s products and services. I also manage the engineering budget and resources, and work with product managers and sales teams to ensure that products meet customer needs.

English resume (PDF format)

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